All Core Essentials covered

False Ceilings

Fire Resistant Electrical Planning

Water Proofing

Wooden Flush Doors

Robust Structure

Bathroom tiles till roof level

Flooring & Wall Tiles

UPVC/Ivory Teak Windows with Melamine Polish

Homes with Warranty

Mesmerizing Facades

12 Months Construction Guarantee

Linear Shower Drains

Anti-Termite Treatment

Asian Paints Luxury Emulsion

Hassle-Free Experience

And many more reasons

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All Home Essentials Covered at Best Prices!

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Best in Class Features for the Price!

Features Max Homes Others
Impeccable Structural Design with warranty
Bathroom tiles till roof level
UPVC/Ivory Teak wood Windows with Melamine Polish
Somany or Kajaria Flooring & Wall Tiles
Fire Resistant Electrical Planning
Wooden Flush Doors
Anti-Termite Treatment
Warranty on Homes
12 Months Construction Guarantee

What you get

Stylish Interiors

kohler Bathroom

Bathroom tiles till roof level

To build a home with character, we use high-quality fittings from brands like Hindware, Jacquar, or Kohler to give a movie-like, premium appeal to your lavish bathrooms. Whether we talk about your basin, faucet or even your toilet, you will always mention the mesmerizing quality of your bathrooms award-winning designs. – bathroom tiles till roof level.

Kajaria Flooring


To make sure your floors fit your personality, you can choose from thousands of color and texture options. We offer wood flooring and vitrified tiles.

False Ceilings

False Ceilings

Since ceilings make-or-break a house, we use false ceilings to make sure your ceilings look modern and sophisticated. In addition to that, we also use coves to make the false ceilings in your home look even more premium.

Wooden Flush Doors of Greenply

Wooden Flush Doors

We use wooden flush doors of high premium brands to give your home a polished look.

window polish

UPVC/Ivory Teak Wood Windows with Melamine Polish

We provide an option between AIS UPVC and Ivory Teak Wood windows with Melamine Polish.

Exceptional Design

Spellbinding Facades

Mesmerizing Facades

The inside of your home is your sanctuary, but the exterior of your home is a reflection of you. We make sure your home reflects your familial values and also leaves an impression on passersby.

architect team

Experienced In-House Team of Architects

Our organization spent a long time in finding some of the finest and experienced architects in Delhi NCR. They make sure that your home stands out, not just in terms of design but also its functionality and usefulness for your family.

All-Day Light and Ventilation

Natural Light

We believe natural light is a crucial ingredient in making a home feel open. Hence why we design customized floor plans for all our clients to allow for maximum light and ventilation in their homes.

Structures that last for Generations

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Before starting construction, we do soil testing as we believe that it’s an essential step that should not be skipped.


Ready Mix Concrete

We believe that Ready Mix Concrete is better that site mix concrete since it’s efficient, optimal, and has undergone previous testing to ensure quality.

Protection against Seepage


Pipes to prevent seepage

We use MLC and CPVC pipes to prevent leakage and seepage.



We waterproof your bathrooms, kitchens, basement etc. to protect you against seepage.

Protection against Fire


Fire Safe Wires

We use high end electrical wires which are fire safe.


Preventing short-circuits

We put power and light wires in different conduits. Similarly, wires of Geysers and Air Conditioners are put in separate conduits to reduce the chances of short-circuiting due to the wires getting heated.

Wires as per IS codes


The size of the electrical wires are carefully planned according and documented in electrical drawings. These drawings are created in the planning stage of the home, even before the construction starts. The wire size is as per the IS codes and is based on the appliances which would be used in your home.

Materials from Top Brands only

Branded materials come with standard specifications and require least human involvement which reduces the chances of errors. From Ready Mix Concrete to Windows, every material or product used in construction is from the best brands. We use materials from brands such as Kohler, Jacquar, SpaceWood, Hindware, Somany, Kajaria etc.


Increased Ease of Living


Windows that allow Natural Light

We use large AIS windows everywhere in the homes which allow natural light throughout the day.


Anti-termite treatment

Termites are a hassle and since we promise hassle-free building, we do an anti-termite treatment beforehand and help prevent the nuisance that are termites.

Fully Transparent Construction Cost Calculation

Once you approve the final floor plans created by our architects, we calculate the total cost of construction for your home based on the areas. The calculations are based on well-documented procedures and you will be explained each and every aspect of the same.

Cost Breakup

Covered Area at
Rs 2000* / sq. ft.
Half Covered Area at
Rs 1400* / sq. ft.
Basement at
Rs 1800* / sq. ft.

*The Areas are calculated as per drawings.
*In case the total built up area is less than 5000 sq. ft. then the cost will increase by 5%.
*Plus GST at 12%.

Transparent & Convenient Payment Plan

Stage-wise payment as per the work done

All core essentials are covered with the above specifications.

Add to the Style and Functionality with these additional fittings


Modular Kitchen from Spacewood

Kitchens are arguably the most important part of a home. We want to make sure your kitchen’s aesthetic factor rivals its homeliness factor.

Italian Marble

Italian Marble

Luxurious homes all have one thing in common: Italian marble. We provide this option so that you can enjoy the look on your guests’ faces when they see the beautiful, opulent finish of your home.


Wardrobes from Spacewood

We use the premium brand Spacewood to make sure your wardrobes have supreme durability, standards, and aesthetic.

Lights, Fans, ACs and Other Electricals

Lights, Fans, ACs and Other Electricals

For a true Hassle-Free home building experience, you can opt for electricals such as Lights, Fans, Air-Conditioners, Geysers, Motors, etc. with Max Homes. In this case we will handle both, procurement and installation of the electricals and provide the warranty to you.

Max Homes Promises

All Home Essentials Covered at Best Prices!

Meet with our Home Consultants to clear all your doubts!

 In process of Buying

Max Homes will keep your contact details and information confidential. It will never be shared with any broker or any third party.

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